Pool Hashrate

Miners: 1 Workers: 2
Net Hashrate 86.59 GH/s
Network Difficulty 0.09
Block value $0.08
Block Height:
Block time: 29 Seconds
Est time to find block 690d 12h 5m 0s
Algorithm: MinotaurX Fee: 1%
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Avg Effort 88%
Earnings: PPLNSBF Min Pay : 0.1 AVN
Pool Wallet RVpCepVuh9

Stratum Servers

br br.mining4people.com
eu eu.mining4people.com
fi fi.mining4people.com
in in.mining4people.com
na na.mining4people.com
sg sg.mining4people.com

Secured Connection
23638 0
33638 0.2

Not Secured Connection
3638 0
13638 0.2


Supported on all ports.


MMr supported on ports: 3638, 13638

How to Start

Mining on Windows CPU

  • Download CPUMiner-MinotaurX for Windows
  • Extract the archive and run the command below, replacing YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your Avian-minotaurx address. If you don't know your address, read this section first.
  • If you are mining on multiple machines/rigs, you can append an identifier of your choice to your wallet address seperated by a dot, to receive per-rig performance metrics on your dashboard. Example: <WALLET ADDRESS>>
cpuminer.exe -a MinotaurX -o stratum+tcp://fi.mining4people.com:3638 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS

Getting a Wallet

Before you can start to mine you need to create a wallet. Although Avian is an entirely digital asset, you still need a place to store them. This is done in a digital wallet. There are multiple methods to obtain a wallet which vary by ease of use and the security they provide.

Official Wallets

Official first-party Wallets for all major platforms are available from the Avian Github. These wallets are released and maintained by the Avian Team.

Coin Info

Miner Hashrate
RCK4kJQKHqM9eaEphF9W9UXPbsj8j1EKSw 42.09 KH/s
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